the brief

AAF Asia is a brand that carries the title of Professional Clean Air Solutions Provider for all industries. This is because their products have helped vital industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, and microelectronic industries to provide clean and healthy air for their essential duties. Their brand is more than just a “air filtration provider”, as each product is backed by care and dedication for the betterment of other lives.

our objective

Our goal was to help users fully understand the sheer professionalism and reliability of AAF and develop their trust with the brand. As AAF catered to a multitude of industries, we needed to design a website that showcased every one of their products and services with full clarity, ease of navigation and of course, a touch professional finesse.


making things pawsible


the website design rationale

When users enter the site, they are first greeted with a headline: “Quality in Purity” that fully captures the confidence and dedication of the brand. We conveyed AAF’s trustworthy professionalism through a bold red colour, making use of white space and grey tones for a clean, yet focused look, with a touch of navy blue to present credibility and reliability. Nothing says credibility like real engineer personnels, which is why we displayed them to show who exactly AAF helps out. We hid internal use web pages in a burger menu, for neat and clearer navigation to learn more about AAF’s products & services.