the brief

Bikebaju is a creative & sporty series of cycling attire that does away with minimalism for vibrant, colourful, and exceptionally detailed designs inspired by Southeast Asian cultures. Their products are also released in limited batches as part of their circular business practice to preserve the environment.

our objective

As their awesome Southeast Asian inspired products are designed with amazing detail and care, we wanted users to be able to see them in full view and marvel at their details In the website.Each print had to be translated well in terms of how it looks on a cyclist, to give the impression of designer cycling attire unlike any other. The website was designed to be sales driven, with a straightforward, yet exciting interface for users to perform easy-purchases.


making things pawsible


the web design rationale

A dramatic splash of black puts their products in full-view, to let their colours do the talking. Users are immediately presented their latest product and collection with models wearing their jersey for added tangibility. This truly lets the quality of their prints shine, as users can see how each jersey looks amazing from afar, and even more so at a closer scale. Each colorful and striking design allows users to immediately view product related info, which they can access directly to view details such as sizing and availability without navigating through multiple menus in the website.