deeno science

the brief

Deeno Science offers innovative and inspiring experiments that come in a monthly subscription box. Their goal is to encourage kids to learn about Science in a fun and interactive way, with simple yet innovative kits full of new surprises each month.

our objective

Whether they be aspiring scientists or kids brimming with curiosity, our goal was to not make them feel like homework or a boring task. We needed a way to cultivate excitement in learning each experiment for every kit they receive each month.


making things pawsible


a rawr-some science lesson

We wanted the fun of learning and discovery to be at the forefront of each kit. That is why we created a dino-scientist as their logo, clad in his trusty lab coat and goggles. Green and blue tones were used as it fit the thematic of scientific wonder and exploration. For each experiment to be more than just a set of instructions, we created a series of character variations to tell a narrative through each experiment.