the brief

Emerico is the leading technology company in translating business needs into practical IT solutions. As a full-fledged service provider, their company provides an all-encompassing range of services from concept definition to production and delivery for the ultimate customer experience. With their trusty proprietary software, ‘Alexis’ and their state-of-the-art hardware, their smart solutions give any business a competitive edge and boost efficiency to the max!


making things pawsible


the website

The goal we had for Emerico’s web design, is to showcase their company’s range of solutions in a clear and simple manner, with a futuristic flair. The website must be able to provide the best and most suitable solutions to customers that are in line with their business operation and structure. As users scroll, they are greeted with defined shapes and colour-coded details that present information in a neat, yet stylish manner. The icons and vectors designed throughout the site are lined with a faint gradient to support the futuristic design while looking sleek and professional..