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the brief

ENME is a nutritional weight loss system designed for women who want a credible, effective, and healthy way for weight loss. They offer an all-natural combination of products so that women can invest in a long-term higher quality lifestyle instead of cheaper and unsafe individual products. With such transparency in their products, they are able to promote a trustworthy way to get a healthy, slim body.

our objective

Being all-natural didn’t come at the cost of luxury. All of ENME’s products feel safe and premium, with the best methods to enhance weight loss. Since their products revolve around a unique 'ENME' lifestyle, we needed to focus on expanding awareness to the audiences to convince them to choose ENME over other similar products in the market. Through the web design, we needed to showcase the true transformational capabilities of their brand, its products, and community.


making things pawsible


healthy is beautiful

We wanted ENME to be more than beauty products. We wanted the brand to promote health and fitness as the path to natural, true beauty. Each product had to have full transparency on why they are deemed all-natural. This, accompanied by clear, aesthetic visuals made for a welcoming, nurturing tone for their brand, giving them the identity of helping to empower women within their lifestyle. It was also important that the brand was welcoming towards people seeking a healthy way for beauty and fitness. This is so that an ENME community could be created where beneficial resources could be shared with their users.


gorgeous and welcoming

The website had to carry the essence of what their products promised audiences, a gorgeous, healthy figure. With a model showing what they could achieve at the front and center of the page, audiences dive into the website with soft, purple tones that welcome them into this newfound community. The products and interactive elements almost create a warm, cheerful, and energetic aura that invites audiences to learn more about ENME as a brand, and as a lifestyle.