the brief

Isetan is one of the most influential department stores in Asia, and the leading corporate group in Japan’s retailing industry. With over a century’s worth of rich and invaluable experience, they have cemented themselves as the best manufacturers and designers in developing high quality merchandise from fashion to beauty to household products.

our objective

For this project, we were given the challenging task of creating a unique Christmas page specifically designed for Isetan KL that allowed customers to share beautifully crafted digital postcards on their social media.


making things pawsible


the design

Nothing says Christmas like snow. So what better way to show our holiday spirit than to add animated digital snow to the website! We went with a vintage Christmas feel to show the timeless warmth and joy of the holiday season and encourage audiences to share Isetan’s beautiful postcards! Pastel blue tones bring out the festive colours of the Christmas lights and trees in a seamless layout. We designed the website with a lot of depth, dimensions and functionality so that beyond the vintage look and feel, there is an easy and rich navigation experience for all audiences.