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the brief

Manitou is a French-based company that offers innovative material handling solutions with their all-terrain material industrial equipment for construction and agricultural needs. Their focus on developing ergonomic, next-level machines has garnered them an ever-growing network of global consumers. For this project, we were tasked with handling their Asian region account.

our objective

As they are a foreign brand, Manitou is not widely known in Asia yet. The primary goal was to increase their page followers through social media marketing on Facebook, lnstagram, and Linkedin to increase their brand recognition in the region. With machines being the forefront of their brand, a question was raised. How could we personalise their brand and blur the line between man and machine? The challenge was to humanise these machines and give them their own flair and character, a key factor in increasing their page followers & audience engagement rate.

our achievements


people on Facebook


increase in Facebook followers


buzz on Instagram

making things pawsible


beyond human limitation

for an industry such as Manitou’s, we shifted the focus from selling machines to building their community online through digital marketing. We went with a flexible, empathetic tone instead of a corporate one and brought audiences closer to the company and its machines. As Manitou offered machines the perfect solutions to any project, we created the big idea of “Beyond Human Limitation” to further cement their machines as our vital allies in building tomorrow’s world. We then expanded the idea into 2 themes, which are “How Do You Lift?” & “The Road is Your Playground” leading up to their main slogan “Handling Your World”. The focus was set on the people rather than just machines, to help them connect with Manitou’s machines in a more personal, interactive way.