owner's circle

the brief

Owner’s Circle is a business academy that fosters a community of aspiring entrepreneurs to empower them for massive transformational growth through proven tools and systems, with a focus on implementation rather than information.

our objective

Their previous website had difficulty in delivering audiences a clear understanding on what they were all about. Our goal was to design create an interactive story-telling website for audiences to gain a better idea of what their business is all about.


making things pawsible


the power of a circle

A warm community where entrepreneurs could exchange their experiences and aspirations and grow together was the essence of the company. It wasn’t a rigid business school, rather an academy where everyone was welcome to learn practical skills.

The website was designed around the concept of ever-growing circles, a minimalist design that kept the focus on Owner Circle’s growing community. People and collaboration were a key aspect of their brand, so we made sure to keep the spotlight on exactly that. As users scroll, they are greeted with clear and striking details and a narrative flow that allowed audiences to grasp how joining the academy could help them become successful entrepreneurs and expand their network.