the brief

Quickdesk is a one-stop-digital sales & marketing solution that helps businesses flow by automating sales through technology and education. They offer programmes to teach business professionals on how to digitise their sales process for a much smoother and profitable business experience.

our objective

Automating your business is not an easy decision to make. There are many lingering doubts as to whether it is a smart decision or a risky move. We needed to make sure that their brand did not appear too robotic and distant from actual business practices. The website design needed to convey that their programs are the smartest way to help boost business sales and growth by using digital tools as the primary medium.


making things pawsible


the web design rationale

Flow was the key concept here. We went with a clean, friendly approach for the website without using any sharp edges for illustrations. Immediately, users are greeted by Quickdesk’s Chairman, followed by a seamless transition to their credibility, programme outline, and proven successes. Descriptions used first person pronouns for a more personal, human touch in explaining how they digitise businesses. This differentiated Quickdesk from typical sales & marketing websites that tend to be more rigid or robotic in nature.