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revel cycle

the brief

Revel Cycle is an indoor cycling boutique studio that offers fun, energetic & challenging rhythmic cycling classes, based in Singapore. With each class offering different intensities with its own unique instructor, every experience is bound to be a groovy, memorable workout!

our objective

Indoor cycling was quite a booming activity at the time. With Revel Cycle being an entirely new entry in the already saturated market, we needed a way to keep audiences engaged and excited before the launch of the brand and make sure they stay engaged long after its launch. We wanted to web design to emphasize their “lifestyle” vibe to differentiate them from other studios.

our achievements


hype during pre-launch


people reached on Facebook


tribe followers

making things pawsible


the rhythm revelation

As most indoor cycling studios used their studio as an identity, we gave Revel Cycle a powerful, energetic image of a revelation that anyone could join and get empowered with. The tagline “join the rhythm revelation” was created to unite Revel Cycle’s community as “Revellers” to foster a sense of belonging and motivation. We wanted the brand to encompass a lifestyle of health, fun, and unity in becoming the best version of themselves they could be.


upbeat & uphill

To capture the vivid motion of indoor cycling, the website was designed with kinetic typography and interactive media to create positive, motivational phrases. The consistency in graphics makes the brand stand out, elevating the revellers’s sense of belonging to the tribe. One look at the visuals, and they instantly know it’s Revel Cycle. The overall tone was set to purple, beige, and black as it complemented the idea of an energetic revelation perfectly. We positioned the social media pages as a place where audiences could find motivation, and tips for fitness. Instagram Story Highlights were used to store important information regarding the brand, so that audiences knew exactly where to find the details they wanted.