the big group

the brief

The BIG Group is a collective of eclectic food and beverage concepts that aim to bring fresh, creative, and exciting food experiences to the Klang Valley – and Ipoh – for the love of food. Their passion for presenting eating as a pleasurable and emotional experience stems from their BIG ideology, which drives them to nourish every soul with good food that everyone can enjoy and celebrate.


making things pawsible


the web design rationale

As one of our favourite websites we have created, The BIG Group had to have a web design and theme that matched their hearty passion for bringing people together with innovative food concepts. We let the food take over the website with their vibrant, rich colours and almost tangible enticing aroma. For a creative yet classy look and feel, we utilised a combination of cursive and dramatic fonts for a bold representation of their philosophy. The result was a breathtaking blend of illustrations and text that made their brand leap out to audiences, inviting them to the next, exciting meal!