the vegetable co.

the brief

The Vegetable Co. is a tech-based modern indoor farming company that utilises science and technology for a sustainable way of producing fresh, healthy vegetables. They didn’t just want to produce fresh vegetables, but also in a way that does not harm the environment or the produce with pesticides and faulty quality control. With specific farming methods and optimal growth plans, they are able to control vegetable quality and consistency and get them delivered on the same day as they are harvested!

our objective

Their passion for sustainability and healthy vegetables had to shine through their website design. We wanted people to understand just their brand promise and the steps they take to deliver such freshness in their “fresh farm in a box” packages. People needed to feel confident when purchasing or subscribing to their vegetable box. As such, we wanted to tell their story through interactive narratives so that their concept of “picked, packed, and delivered” was clear.


making things pawsible


the design rationale

We wanted the website to feel as fresh, clean, and green as their vegetables. For this, we made a beautiful, fresh piece of cabbage as the central element of the website against a slew of vibrant contrasting colours. As users scroll, they can see the background, places, and situation shift while the cabbage remains stagnant. This shows the complete process of their brand’s processes of plantation, harvest, and delivery in a storytelling narrative way that allows audiences to fully understand their products and encourages them to purchase and subscribe to their vegetable box.