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bell and collar

the brief

Bell and Collar is a pet shampoo brand that offers an all-natural range of shampoo products for dogs and dog owners alike. They seek to give pet lovers a safe and healthy way of pampering their dogs while fluffing up their coats with love and care.

our objective

As Bell and Collar was a new brand in the market, the challenge came with differentiating them from other similar brands and determining what kind of identity we’d like to give the brand, through web design, and their followers.

our achievements


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making things pawsible


every bath is precious

We wanted Bell and Collar to be a dog lovers’ community, using terms such as “fur babies” and “canine companions” to emphasise the precious bonding time with their pets. The overall tone for the web design chosen was a minimalist, yet classy feel to shine the spotlight on the dogs in full-view.


what our fur babies say

we wanted to create a tribe for Bell & Collar, a place not just for browsing pet shampoo, but a warm community for all dog lovers alike. Instead of focusing on the products’ benefits or features, we emphasized the precious quality time dog owners could have with their fur babies using their shampoo. Although it wasn’t a necessity, showing that Bell & Collar’s shampoo could lead to such warm, loving experiences led to a much more wholesome lifestyle that people who treat their dogs like their kids or best friend would want to join.


all about our pups

A clean gradient of beige allowed the models and their canine companions to truly shine, so that the focus is kept on what Bell and Collar is all about; creating memorable moments with pets. Our web designer used different shapes and minimal text are used to complement their all-natural shampoo, conveying a message to the audience that no matter what kind of owner you are, Bell and Collar is a brand for all dog lovers.