Video Content Marketing


creates video content that hoomans will watch

Yes, we know video marketing is king, but how many businesses or brands have the budget to create a high end video content? You'll end up spending so much time, money and effort to create a video that you'll probably used it once for your ad campaign. The worst part of it all, do people even watch or get engaged with your blood, sweat and tears? In today's fast paced social media world, content comes and goes so quickly that it's hard to capture anyone's attention let alone be engaged with it. That's why most companies and brands particularly SMEs are stuck by creating photo posts or ads that are not generating the results that they want.



bears unleash

the power of talents to spark engagements & views

We work with some of the best entertainers out there to create video content using their awesome talent, from dance groups to magicians. Our goal is to help your brand and business to get video content that is not only entertaining but engaging and impactful as well.