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google rankings or the bears will work for free

SEO agency from Malaysia

Yes, we will work for free if we don't get you on Page 1 of Google within the first 90 days. Why? Because you just want the results and we simply know how to get ranked organically on Google. With our proven system, infrastructure and know-how, we have successfully grew many businesses purely through our SEO services.


Why choose us bears over hoomans?

  • We do web design & SEO writings with our bear hands
  • We are a koalified, full-fledge digital marketing agency
  • We bears don’t hibernate, we provide responsive support
  • Cause we’re more awesome to work with than hoomans

How we bears handle matters

keyword research & competitor analysis
We understand your business nature and customize sets of keywords for you. These keywords are commonly searched words and phrases people search online.
page audit
We analyse your website SEO issues, do the magic to get Google index your new website right away. We give honest opinions and advice on how you can improve your website content. All this to get you a higher relevant content with the sets of keywords.
SEO on page optimization
SEO title tags, meta descriptions, sitemaps, you name it, we’ve got it covered here! Your website is in safe hands here, we make sure they are mobile friendly and with great performance so that Google bot could quickly recognise your website.
SEO off page optimization
We do more than you ask for - we build quality inbound links and outbound links for your website to improve your search engine visibility. Ultimately, get your site on the top list.
We utilise ProRank Tranker - one of the most comprehensive SEO Rank Tracking and Reporting solutions (SERP Tracker) to keep you updated with all the small changes and big matters like real time rankings on your website.


your customers finding you instead of your competitors

SEO agency from Malaysia

You’re reading this because you found us on Google. We compete with some of the top SEO service providers in the country and yet we still outranked them. Besides, if you are not ranked on Google, your competitors will be and they will the be the ones that reach out to your customers. SEO service is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have for any business or company. Imagine waking up with customers contacting you for your products or services, all day, everyday. We know how that feels like and it is amazing.

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