the brief

SUA is an independent interior designer company that focuses on working closely with each client so that they adapt to every design detail.What sets them apart is their Space Analyst capabilities, so that not only do they create excellent designs but bring balance, proportion, symmetry, and rhythm into each project.

our objective

We needed to up the ante on bringing their website forward in terms of modernity and design. The goal was to align the look and feel of the website with their company business, and showcase SUA as a true standout and leading interior design company in Malaysia. Their portfolio spoke for their quality, so we needed to display it in a way that promotes user-friendly navigation for the audience.


making things pawsible


the web design rationale

A rich dark brown colour gave the website a modern and classy feel, a choice based on the root of interior design, which is wood as a material. A thought-provoking quote leads the narrative flow of their portfolio, putting the focus on big images against dark backgrounds. By utilising image blur, we were able to create the illusion of depth in the website’s images, an experience truly worthy of a unique interior design company such as SUA. Each element was shown in a neat, modern layout to match the company’s speciality in balance, proportion, and rhythm.